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Diamond and Diamond Prices

Buying a diamond is never an easy task. You are about to make a purchase that will last a lifetime. You want to be sure you make the correct decision.

You should be concerned about a number of issues:

  • What is the quality of the diamond?
  • If I have questions about the diamond, can the jeweler answer them?
  • What ring mounting will the diamond look best in?
  • Where will I take the ring for service?

All of these issues and questions are ones that you should be asking before you buy.

Size alone will never determine price.

When it comes to diamonds, bigger is not always better. Factors better known as the 4'C establish the 5th C, or cost. The Color of a diamond, its Clarity, Cut, Carat Weight, together establishes the 5th C or Cost. Diamonds that are better Cut, higher in Color, have more Carat Weight and better Clarity will always cost more than a Diamond with lesser factors.

Always have the dealer list these factors clearly on a quote sheet so that you may take it and compare prices. Please remember to compare "apples to apples". If one dealer offers you a diamond that has a lesser Color and or Clarity, then be aware that the diamonds you are comparing are certainly not the same.