Meet Our Team

Meet the Team

Amy Gipprich, President
Amy is the President and co-owner of Gipprich's since 1985.  Just as it was in 1945 for Amy's grandfather and the founder of Gipprich Jewelers, customer service remains her top focus. Amy credits this focus as the reason for their continued growth in a dynamically evolving retail world.  She is a Diamond Graduate of the Gemological Institute of America and is also a graduate of Millersville University with a BA in Psychology.  She is responsible for all merchandising, the Estate Collection, engraving, detailed customer oversight of both retail and wholesale accounts as well as overall operations.    

Richard Gipprich, VP

Richard is the co-owner and Vice President of Gipprich Jewelers since 1985.  He is a Diamond Graduate of the Gemological Institute of America and also a graduate of Kutztown University with a BA in Computer Science and Business Administration.  He performs all the stores appraisals in house.  He is responsible for driving the success of the repair shop through integrations of modern technology, such as Laser welding repair, positioning Gipprich's as a progressive 21st century preferred repair destination.  His other chief responsibilities include technology integrations, industry forecasting and oversight of trade accounts. 

William Griffin, Lead Goldsmith

William or Billy Griffin is an integral part of the success and growth that the Gipprich team continually experiences year after year.  He has played a key role in the repair shop since 2003 and took on the title as Lead Goldsmith in 2008.  He has over 50 years of industry experience and is well known within the jewelry and repair sector.  His experience comes from years of honing his craft working as an understudy to various Masters of the trade in South Carolina, Florida and San Diego.  His depth of knowledge and skill is unparalled.  His specialty is custom design using age old techniques.     

Lindsay Dunlap, GoldsmithLindsay

Dunlap is a graduate of Kutztown University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a focus on metalsmithing and design.   She joined the team in 2012 and boasts over 15 years of experience as a jeweler.    Her laser welding capabilities are unsurpassed, allowing her to perform sensitive repairs on precious gemstones, heirlooms and platinum pieces. Lindsey is an asset to Gipprich's,  giving the business a competitive edge with her knowledge and creativity pertaining to jewelry design and repair.

Martha Moore Westbrook, Goldsmith

Martha Westbrook joined the team in 2016.  She brings with her an impressive repertoire of education and industry experience.  Martha has a Master of Fine Arts from Marywood University in Scranton as well as her Bachelors of Arts from Cedar Crest College in Allentown.  She has over 25 years experience in the jewelry design and repair industry.  In addition to Martha's skill set and knowledge of jewelry repair and design, she is also a Professor of Metalsmithing in both the academic and community settings.  

Cathy Yeager, Customer Service

Cathy joined the Gipprich's team in 2017 bringing with her a notable resume.  She is a graduate of Albright College with her BS in Business. She is a 25 year veteran in the Information Technology sector and most recently dedicated 13 years to the Reading Hospital with her latest title as the Fiscal Registar.  Her professional and up beat personality, coupled with her experience, is a great asset to Gipprich Jewelers.  She enjoys interacting with customers to identify unique gift giving ideas or ways to re-purpose family heirloom jewelry for new generations to enjoy.  

Emily Hershey, Goldsmith

Emily graduated from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania with a BFA in Crafts, specializing in Fine Metals. She joined the team in 2021, bringing with her an impressive set of skills in both repair and design. She specializes in laser welding and setting stones and enjoys tackling every challenge thrown her way. She likes designing new pieces and breathing new life into heirloom jewelry by redesigning or refurbishing sentimental items.

Shop dog Zoe joined the team in 2016 and is the fur baby of Martha Moore Westbrook.  She brings with her an expansive and impressive list of skills and abilities.  She is incredibly well versed in playing fetch in tight spaces, such as the repair shop.  There is not a tennis ball that exists that she won't find.   She is fluent in both Canine AND English.  She helps to boost company morale, lower blood pressure and raise the bar for an exceptional work place environment.